Broad General Inclusive Fitness

The concept of CrossFit is easy to grasp. It is a broad, general and inclusive fitness.

CrossFit is designed to develop the body in different domains to achieve optimal overall performance. This is achieved by creating a balance of mind and body using various forms of functional work.

In building a routine around functional movements, you create a balance in all ten of these very important capacities:
  • Cardiorespriratory Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Accuracy
  • Agility
  • Balance
For example, let's take two types of athletes: a competition Power lifter and Runner. The Power Lifter may be able to squat 500lbs and run a 8:30 mile. The Runner's squat is 195lbs, but runs a 4:50 mile. While both exceed in their own domains, they are lacking in other areas.

It makes more sense regarding a human's functionality where a combination of the two types is ideal. This third type, squatting 350lbs and running a 6:00 mile, would be a much more efficient machine... This is what CrossFit ultimately helps you achieve.


2013-07-25 Training Day

Warm Up/Movement Correction

2 MIn Air Dyne; 20 Kb (16KG) Sumo Deadlift; 10 ROckette Kicks each side; 10 YTAW; 60 Sec PLank Hold; Lax Ball Hamstrings and Glutes


T2: Back Squat 2 Warm Up (bar/75lbs); 3 sets 6-8 (85LBS)
Rest 60 sec
Press 2 Warm Up (bar/75); 3 sets 6-8 (105LBS);
Rest 60 sec


T2: 3 rounds 5 wall climbs; 10 over the box jumps (20" Box, Up and Downs), 15 deadlifts (135LBS)


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